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"Bubblegum dance" is a term coined to describe a particular style of eurodance or pop/dance music. Bubblegum dance typically has a high-pitched female vocalist singing upbeat, synthesizer and melody driven verses and choruses, and a male singing back up vocals or rap. The lyrics and style of bubblegum dance music is often playful and child-like, and common singing topics include fantasy characters such as wizards and princesses, and songs about having fun, love, partying, and eating candy. Other terms used to describe bubblegum dance music include: bubblegum techno, bubblegum house, euro cheese, bubble dance, and happy house.

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New tropical song from Caramella Girls

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Mitch Andrews

Caramella Girls, the high-pitched off spring of Caramell, has released a new single yesterday titled "Holiday."

The new song has a tropical bubblegum flavour, and is a slower tempo compared to their previous releases. However, the tune still has their signature high-pitched vocals and is like a refreshing dip in the pool after their lackluster Barbie Girl remake in 2015, "Candy Girl."

Caramella Girls is one of the only current bubblegum dance artists with semi-regu ...

The song in the video above is "Bubblegum Dancer" by Hanna Stockzell. Hanna dedicated this song to our Website and fans of bubblegum eurodance. Thank you Hanna!


"The simple chords, the catchy melody, the bouncy beat, the happy lyrics and the colorful visual universe were our way to celebrate life, freedom, peace, love, party and youth."
- Mads B.B. Krog, Crispy (Denmark)