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The Italians do it best: quirky new tune from Italy

Release: Souvenir by Pan Gam
Rating: 8/10
Written by Mitch Andrews

Just released from "New Music International" in Italy is a unique bubblegum dance tune called "Souvenir" by Pan Gam. The project is headlined by two magnet cartoon characters, Pan and Gam, who sing about their love for travel and souvenirs. If that's not a recipe for an awesome bubblegum tune, what is ...

A brilliant comeback tune

Release: Rainbow Sky by Infinity
Rating: 10/10
Written by Mitch Andrews

"Rainbow Sky" by Infinity encapsulates what bubblegum should be: catchy, sugary and uplifting - a thumping and catchy dance tune with a positive message. The song marks Infinity’s comeback to music and is their first original song since their 2007 Melodovian entry "Hooked On You."

"Rainbow Sky" was released in the wake of t ...

Banaroo are back! 2013's Bubblegum World reviewed

Release: Bubblegum World by Banaroo
Rating: 5/10
Written by Mitch Andrews

The much anticipated comeback album of Banaroo, "Bubblegum World," has hit the shelves! Aptly titled, "Bubblegum World" marks the first album of the new Banaroo line up, which includes completely new members and (assumably) new producers. The album features 3 original songs, but focuses on remaking past Banaroo and bubblegum dance hi ...

Fantastic bubblegum tune!

Release: Little Green Men by Genie
Rating: 10/10
Written by Mitch Andrews

"Little Green Men" was released by GENIE from Sweden in 2001.  The single has some famous bubblegum dance producers behind it, including Robin Rex and Anders Nyman who were involved in early Smile.dk production, and Morgan Jalsing from Hit 'n' Hide.  The single contains two songs, "Little Green Men" and a bonus song "Pop It Up" that wa ...

One of the best bubblegum albums of its era

Release: Sound Of Cherona by Cherona
Rating: 9/10
Written by Mitch Andrews

Cherona burst onto the scene in early 2009 with their debut single "Ching Chang Chong". Following in the footsteps of other popular German pop acts, such as BeFour and Banaroo, CHERONA brings a new flavour to dance music, combining soft catchy melodies and sweet singers with heavy thumping beats. Their album "Sound Of Cherona" is nothi ...