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Welcome to the Bubblegum Dancer Songs Database. Here, you can find information on all of your favourite bubblegum dance songs, including the production credits and lyrics!

More information is constantly being added to the database, so if your favourite song is not yet listed please check back again soon!

Please be aware that while the statistics on the right show that there are 2581 bubblegum dance songs in the database, it can be argued that these facts are not 100% accurate as not all of the songs listed are considered "pure bubblegum eurodance." This is because most of the projects listed as bubblegum dance artists (with the majority of their songs in that genre) have also released songs in the eurodance and pop/dance genres, and in order to keep their biography's complete, we have included all of their songs (with the exception of "Experimental projects" who have released a majority of non-bubblegum dance songs).

Random Song

A Thing Called Love by Toy-Box

... / Don't you know what love is all about? / Being happy, / sad and feeling proud / Once you try it you won't be without the thing called love / / (ayayay! Hola guapos chicos! Haha! Lets party on the beach! / Hola, signorita! Come on lets go. Here we go!) / / Beaut... [more]


Bubblegum song releases by year

The above statistics shows the trends in bubblegum dance releases throughout the years, beginning in 1995. Notice that the height of bubblegum dance production was in 2000, with 328 songs released. Bubblegum dance production saw a huge drop after 2000, and continues to decline until 2004 when it begins to rise again. It sees a second peak in 2007 at 188 songs, and gradually declines again. Will we see a third peak in bubblegum dance production in the future?

Complete List of Bubblegum dance songs

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Song Themes

Bubblegum dance songs often have a theme or story, below are some popular themes that you can click and browse.


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