The Happy House Forum!

The Happy House is the largest fan chat board for bubblegum eurodance music on the Internet. The forum currently boasts more than 800 members, over 50,000 posts, and approximately 4,000 topics. The Happy House is a safe place for fans of all ages from all around the world to discuss and listen to the happiest genre in the world.

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About the Forum

The Happy House, originally "Bubblegum Dancer Forums", is a fun and safe place for fans of bubblegum music to chat with other fans from all around the world. Our forum is known for its friendly easy-going atmosphere, and the great regulars who can't wait to invite new friends onto the boards.

Bubblegum Dancer welcomes all age groups and has active moderators based in both America and New Zealand who ensure a safe and controlled environment online at all times. At Bubblegum Dancer we expect our members to treat each other with the greatest respect. After all, you all share one thing in common, and it's something very special at that - you're all Bubblegum Dancers!