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Crispy was a Danish Traditional Bubblegum dance act founded in 1997 in Copenhagen. Their first (and only) album, The Game, includes catchy, fun, candy-coated dance songs about tropical beaches, dinosaurs, and video games. Crispy are probably most well-known for their hit single "Licky Licky", and their 1999 hit "In & Out."


Crispy consisted of four members:

1st Album & Success

The Game was recorded and mixed in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Several versions of the album were released, the most common being the 12-track release. The Japanese Version of the album also contained four exclusive bonus tracks, including two previously unreleased songs "Bad Girls" and "Happy King". See the Discography section for more information.

Crispy was very successful in Scandinavia and Asia. They were awarded with the "Pop Shop Award '98" for Best Scandinavian Debut Release, beating 15 other nominees.

Mette Passes

A few years ago, Mette, the group's main vocalist, passed away from cancer. Out of respect for Mette, the two remaining members Møller and Krog have not released any new material under the group name "Crispy" and, therefore, Crispy albums and releases have become very rare. Instead, a new alias was created "XPY", and a number of singles were released under the new name before the act was abandoned in the early 2000s.

Plans for a Second Album

The overall success of Crispy's first album, "The Game", lead the group to prepare for a second album, which they hoped to release sometime in 2000. A number of tracks were recorded, many of them even finished, but the release of the album was cancelled, most likely due to the sudden death of lead vocalist, Mette. Consequently, the tracks were scrapped, and the Crispy project abandoned.

Below is a list of Crispy songs known to have been recorded as demos, but to this day remain unreleased.

Rumor says that Crispy, like a majority of bubblegum dance acts, changed their sound for their second album release, moving away from the cheesy bubblegum dance and focusing on a more mature, 'harder' sound.


Before and after Crispy's breakup, a number of aliases were formed by the group and its members. Aliases include:

History / Band Information

The following is the original description of Crispy as displayed on the English translation page of their official Web site, which is now offline.

The year 1998 ended in success for the Danish pop/dance trio crispy. Holding dance chart top 20 positions for 10 consecutive weeks and now starting to climb again with the RMX`'s of "Licky Licky", the band has founded a solid base on the Danish pop/dance scene.

During Christmas Crispy were on promotion/concert tour in Japan, visiting Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. This tour was indeed a success. The success of the band is virtualised, when visiting one of their concerts, playing for big and enthusiastic crowds singing along. Crispy has since Spring 1998 been touring continuously and have by now had well over 150 concerts.

Crispy was award with the national Danish Radio "Pop Shop Award 98" for best Scandinavian debut release in 1998 among 15 nominees. This of course was highly appreciated. At the price giving Crispy performed with 5 songs live on the national radio.

To follow up the success, the next single "love is waiting"(With new radio and club mixes from Pierre J - (Emilia, Meja, Dr. Alban etc.) was released in February simultaneously all over Scandinavia. In Germany the current single "Kiss Me Red" (produced by Kai Mathiesen - Mr. President, Scatman etc.) was released at the end of January. Hawing performed in several TV shows, and being covered in the leading Germany youth/music magazine BRAVO, things are looking to turn out well for Crispy.

In March Crispy had their debut release in Holland. This release was simultaneously with the release of the second single in Germany.