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Shine was Carola Bernhav, a Traditional Bubblegum dance project produced by Zix Productions (which was made up of Guran "MaestroX" Florén and Teddy "Zed" Geson from Yummie). As quoted from her official Web site which is now offline, her "music is is Europopstyle and very happy and shiny. Therefore my name is Shine."

Brief Biography

The project Shine was created in 2000 as a Traditional Bubblegum Dance project by Zix producers Guran Florén and Teddy Gustavsson, who are also members of the Bubblegum project Yummie, and are best known as Maestro X and Zed. The project was built around Carola Bernhav, who was 18 years old at the time. From the very beginning, the project was aimed to be marketed as a project in the same vein as popular Bubblegum artists Aqua, Toy-Box, or even Miss Papaya. A lot of people who have heard Shine's music have agreed that Carola's vocals were very similar to Lene Nystrom-Rasted's from Aqua.

As quoted in an interview, the style of Shine "is closer to Aqua than Yummie ever was." MaestroX revealed that at one point there was even a "small chance that Aqua would record one of the songs [he and Zed] wrote for the Shine project".

The official website for Shine was launched in early 2000s and they announced the project would begin recording songs for a future release. During April 2000, Shine began promoting their material by performing at places such as Neptun restaurant in Haninge on April 29, 2000. Also during April, Shine began doing a photo shoot for their upcoming single release. At the same time, Shine began announcing her first single release as "Loverboy", and announced three other song titles on her website, "I Do What I Like", "Smile", and "Go-Go Dance."

On August 17 - August 19, Shine began presenting their new material at Popkomm, a popular international Pop music convention located in Europe.

Sometime during September 2000, Shine's debut single was released in Japan. The CD was a 2-track release titled "Loverboy/I Do What I Like", which included her lead single "Loverboy" and another song called "I Do What I Like". Also, some of Shine's songs were released to compilational CDs.

Sadly, things became quiet with the project after this time so it is believed the project went inactive sometime in 2001.

Timeline from Official Web site

The following timeline is out of date and was taken from Shine's official Web site, which is no longer online.

  • 29 April 2000: Shine performs at restaurant Neptun in Haninge.
  • April 2000: Shine takes pictures for the CD covers.
  • August 2000: New material planned to be presented at the "Popkomm" (in 2000 it was a pop music promotion site).
  • Autumn 2000: Release of the first single.