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Caramella Girls is a bubblegum dance project created and inspired by the original bubblegum dance band, Caramell. The project was formed in 2008 after the unforseen success of "Caramelldansen" as an internet meme.

Recently, Caramella Girls have come back with various new original tune releases on iTunes. Written by Caramella Girls, Kristian Lagerstrøm and Kim Andre Arnesen, these singles ("Get The Gold," "Tokyo," and "Cheerleaders") have been coming relatively regularly, suggesting that Caramella Girls may have an album on the works soon.

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Caramella Girls released their debut original song, "Boogie Bam Dance" in March 2011. The single was translated into three languages: English, Dutch and Spanish. In 2012, Caramella Girls launched their new look on their website and their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.


Caramell Girls aims to ride the success of the "Caramelldansen" phenomenon which was making waves in Japan, and moves the focus away from the original band as two of its members are no longer associated with this project.

The project was created by original Caramell members Vasco & Millboy, and was launched after the success of the speedy mix version of the album "Supergott," which was released under Caramell's original name.

Caramella Girl's image is marketed around 3 anime characters Mindy, Verá and Nadine, who even during live shows perform while wearing a massive anime styled head piece, concealing their true identity.