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Most recent news: New version of Me & My's ''Two Are Stronger Than One'' by Stormboy

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Me & My is a bubblegum dance act from Denmark, consisting of sisters Susanne Georgi (born July 27, 1976) and Pernille Georgi (born July 24, 1974). They are most well known for their hit single "Dub-i-Dub" (1995). Me & My are famous for being one of the first ever bubblegum acts in the world, and the world's longest running bubblegum dance act, having been active since 1995.

Me & My's debut album "Me & My" was engineered and produced by Johnny Jam and Dean'N.

Latest news: In 2016, a new remix-single of Me & My's "Two Are Stronger Than One" (which was featured on the best of album "The Ultimate Collection" in 2007) was released.

Brief History

Before becoming Me & My, the duo were known as "SuPer Sisters" (the word "SuPer" being a compound of the two singers' first names). Towards the beginning of the 1990s they released two Danish-language albums and tried to enter the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, but unfortunately Susanne - being 15 at the time - was too young to enter. The song which they were supposed to sing, eventually finished 2nd in the Danish national final.

Official Biography

Me & My achieved an international breakthrough with their song "Dub I Dub". It turned out to be one of the 90's inescapable hits and marked the start of a pop-music adventure for the two sisters Susanne and Pernille Georgi from Kolding, Denmark.

In the spring of 1997 they were presented with two Gold Disc Awards for the year's best-selling nternational album and as best-selling foreign artists in Japan. The girls have achieved over 3 million albums sold and are still going strong. They not only work for themselves but write songs for other artists and are very involved in the music scene all over the world.

Me & My are still active today and are still writing music, both for other artists and themselves. They recently revealed on "Musikprogrammet" (a Danish music program on television) that they are saving some of the best songs for a "sometime in the future album."

In 2007, Me & My finally got to take part in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix (national selection for Eurovision Song Contest) with the song "Two Are Stronger Than One". On February 2nd, they qualified from the semi final to the final, which was held on February 10th. Even though they were the bookmakers' favourites to win, Me & My only managed to get 8 points, finishing 6th.

Ultimate Success

Me & My's first hit single, Dub-I-Dub jump-started their music career, and led them to success. Three other singles followed, Baby Boy, Lion Eddie, and Waiting (which included some previously unreleased versions of Lion Eddie, Dub-I-Dub and Baby Boy) and Touch Of Your Love (a special release for Japan only).

The girls themselves wrote most of their own material, and each song released was an instant hit. Their debut album, "Me & My" in 1995, was a huge success, and represented an entirely new style of Danish pop music for the world. As a result, Me & My's sales figures reached almost explosive heights around the world during 1996. Just to give an example, the Georgi sisters sold 1.5 million albums and 750,000 singles in Japan in only one year.

"Our number "Dub I Dub" opened doors, not only for us but also for a lot of other Danish bands", says Pernille. "Everything happened so fast with the first record, that it was really difficult for us to realise what was happening. On the other hand, it gave us a name, a style and a foundation to build upon".

In the spring of 1997 they were presented with two Gold Disc Awards for the year's best-selling international album and as best-selling foreign artists in Japan. Their second album Let The Love Go On received the same success, and saw the release of 4 successful singles: Loving You, So Many Men, Every Single Day and Let The Love Go On (which was #13 in Israel).

2007 Comeback Single

On December 1st 2007, Me & My released their first single in 6 years since La La Superstar in 2001. The single, titled "Too Much Christmas" is a Christmas ballad. In 2007, Me & My released a greatest hits complilation titled "The Ultimate Collection," which includes all of their top hits from their three albums as well as the new songs "Te Quiero" and "Two Are Stronger Than One."