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Infinity is the name of a bubblegum dance/eurodance project from Norway, best known for the hit song "Happy." The group is made up of members Kjell Gabriel Henriksen, Birgitte Moe, and ex-member Egil Marius Storstein.

In 2016 Infinity are back with their new single "Rainbow Sky."


Infinity started with three members, Kjell Gabriel Henriksen, Birgitte Moe, and Egil Marius Storstein. Birgitte Moe (born 1975) was a part of a band called Barbie-Q, formed in 1995. While working in a record store in a mall, Birgitte met Kjell Gabriel Henriksen (born Kjell-Gabriel Eliki Hendrichs in 1974), who worked as a cashier in a bakery in the same mall. Kjell agreed to join the band as a singer, and together with their third member Egil Marius Storstein (born 1969), the group began work on their first album. Before releasing anything, they changed their name from Barbie-Q to Infinity to avoid any copyright issues.

Their first single, "Happy", was released on May 11, 1998, and reached number two on Norwegian music chart VG-lista. It was followed by "Feeling Good" (peaked at number 10) and "Makin' Out" (peaked at number 15) that same year. Their first album, "", was released on January 25, 1999, along with a corresponding website, although the site is now down. The album was very successful, peaking at number 2 on the charts, and to this day is the best selling dance album in Norway. The fourth single from the album, "This Time It's For Real", was released that February, but did not chart. "Come On And Dance" was also released as a single, but only as a promo. Afterward, Egil left the group, leaving Infinity to continue on as a duo.

After Egil's departure, Infinity announced their next album, "". They created a website to promote the album, and released at least two singles for it, "Boys & Girls" in May 2000 and "1 - 2 - 3 - 4" in May 2001. Unfortunately, the album was eventually shelved, and like their first website, the sporty-people site also went down.

Instead of releasing "", Infinity shifted their style to a more serious type of Eurodance. They released two promo singles under this style, "Naked In The Rain" and "Can You Hear" (which also included the track "Hear Me Out"), followed by a mainstream single release, "Sleeping My Day Away" (a cover of the song by D-A-D, which Me & My also covered that year). Their second album, "Naked In The Rain", was released on October 19, 2001. It contained most of their recently released singles, but omitted the song "Can You Hear" in favor of "Hear Me Out" and also omitted the singles initially intended for "". "Hear Me Out" later received an official release with the same tracklisting as the "Can You Hear" promo.

In 2003, Infinity released their next single, "Pink Panther", to promote a russebuss (a type of bus equipped with speakers, bars, and other things associated with parties, which drives around and picks up passengers during festivals) of the same name. Two more promo singles, "L.o.v.e." and "One More Chance (Na Na Na)", were also released that year. Unfortunately, if these singles were meant for an album, it never surfaced, and Infinity went dormant for a few years.

Infinity resurfaced in 2007 with a new song, "Hooked On You", which they entered into Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection contest for Eurovison. Although they made it to the finale of the contest, in the end they were not selected, instead losing to Guri Schanke with the song "Ven A Bailar Conmigo". Schanke moved on to place 18th in that year's Eurovision. Infinity claimed in an interview during MGP that they had plenty of songs to release, but none of these releases ever came to light. Their only new release since then has been a remix of their 1998 single "Happy", released in 2010. "" was re-released in 2009 for its tenth anniversary, now with bonus remixes that weren't present on the original release, but nothing on the album was specifically new. Despite this, the band still seems to be active, as they still regularly perform in the yearly set of "We Love The 90's" tours.

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