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I:Levenless7 (sometimes written "I Levenless 7") is the name of a Austrian bubblegum dance girl group from Austria. In 2002 they made it to the Austrian finale of the Eurovision Song Contest with their bubblegum dance song "SMS 4 Love."

The song didn't win Austria's choice to represent the country in the competition, however it was released as a maxi-single that year on the label Edel Records Austria.

Other music

I:Levenless7 also had two other songs, "Candy Perfume Girl" - a sugar coated bubblegum pop song - and a ballad "Show Me The Way." Another song credited to them called "Ulala" was featured on a Leo Roos album. The song is bubblegum dance in style, and appears to be completed production-wise, however male rapping and conversation has been recorded over the top of it. Whether or not a full clean version of "Ulala" without the Leo Roos vocals has been released is unknown.

Little is known about the group I:Levenless7. If you have more information on the group and the people involved, please contact us.