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Iselin, also known as Paradise Iselin, is a Norwegian glamour model and singer. She released the single "Chewing Gum" in 2012.

In December 2016, four years after her debut release, Iselin is back with a Christmas bubblegum dance song "Santa's Summer."

Brief biography

Iselin Michelsen (born 15 september 1990), is best known as a contestant on the Swedish version of the Paradise Hotel reality show. Her 2012 debut single "Chewing Gum"(written by: Lars Skaland, Helfner Hotvedt, Bjørn Alex Olsen,Trond Hillestad and Hugo Solis), was slammed by critics upon its release, and labeled the "worst music video ever." She was also described as "Sweden's Rebecca Black"

Michelsen has defended her song in an interview with the TV guide magazine, saying she does not care what people think, and that the song was a serious effort.

In December 2016, Iselin made her return with the even cheesier single "Santa's Summer," which will see a worldwide digital release.