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Pan Gam is the name of a bubblegum dance project from Italy. On May 5 2017 they released their debut single "Souvenir" digitally under the label "New Music International."

The name "Pan Gam" was created by the merging of Panico and Gama artist names, which in turn is the fusion of the names and surnames of the two artists involved in the project: PAnza NICOla and GAllo MArianna!

DJ Panico, the producer and speaker of RTO's other radio, has been producing music around Italy and Europe for over 20 years. He collaborated with Gabry Ponte, Amii Stewart and Francesco Mogol in "Sunshine Girl" and has signed a series of productions for dance artists with the major Italian Labels.

Gama, as well as being the author of several successful productions, including "Crazy World", is choreographer and ghost voice of many Panic projects, including the current bubblegum project, Souvenir.

Music video

A quirky music video was created for "Souvenir" which features the two cartoon character magnets dancing and singing. The video was directed by Marco Pavone and released on YouTube to coincide with the single release.

The video features two singing and dancing magnets attached to (alongside other "souvenir" magnets) a dancing and singing fridge. The video features the magnets and the fridge in various tourist destinations around the world, and the lyrics reflect how much the fridge loves it's travel souvenirs.