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Dr. Bombay, the most well-known alias of Jonny Jakobsen (born 17 November 1963, Malmö, Sweden), was a Taxi driver, curry-munching, tiger-chasing Indian from Calcutta. Dr. Bombay fits into the Bubblegum Satire category, due to his parody of Indian society. Dr. Bombay is best known for his hit songs "S.O.S. (The Tiger Took My Family)", "Rice & Curry" and "Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi)".

Under the alias of Dr. Bombay, Jakobsen first introduced his unique style of dance music that has made him famous throughout the world, most specifically in Japan and, surprisingly, India and Asia.

In his lyrics, the character is portrayed as an Indian taxi driver, mystic, sitar player, chef, snake charmer and avid fan of elephant racing. He appears clad in traditional Indian garb, such as a kurta and pagri, with the addition of dark glasses that are also worn by the other characters portrayed by Jakobsen.

Two of Dr Bombay's songs have appeared in the Beatmania IIDX series of video games, and one of them appeared in Samba de Amigo, as well as numerous eurodance compilations.

Musical Style

Johnny Jakobsen's music style can be described as bubblegum dance with a twist. Each of his aliases - Dr. Macdoo and Carlito - have a unique style, that is based on their heritage. Dr. Bombay's sound makes use of instruments such as drums, rattles, and other instruments which can be seen as being typical of Indian culture.

Critical Response

While some consider the music released by Jonny Jakobsen as offensively stereotypical, so much that at one time Indian authorities were thinking of suing him but decided not to as their lawyers told them they couldn't sue someone for simply being "annoying", he has gained some fame and notoriety in the Europop scene. He has also become very popular in Asian countries, including India, which is ironic considering these are the countries he spends so much time parodying.

Official Biography

The following is the official biography of Dr. Bombay, copied from www.dr.bombay.nu, Dr. Bombay's official Web site which used to be online in 2000.

Dr. Bombay is an Indian-Danish-Swedish act with influences from the new music style called Indian-Scandinavian Super Pop Hit Music. The lyrics are about his life and personality. Although he is young at age he has a lot of experience about life.

Dr. Bombay always has a lot of projects going on, the problem is that it is too much sometimes. The primary goal for the Doctor now is the music!

Music is absolutely no news for him. He started to play the sitar when he was a very young kid, but it didn't turn out to be such a big success. Instead he discovered that singing was his real talent.

Dr. Bombay is probably one of the fastest rollerskaters in the world. So if you see something passing by in high speed it could be Dr. Bombay either driving his taxi, rollerskating or outside hanging in a taxi on rollerskates beside you!

Before "Dr. Bombay"

Jonny Jakobsen began his career as a faux-country/pop singer called "Johnny Moonshine". As Johnny Moonshine, Jakobsen released one album titled "Johnny Moonshine & The Troubled Water Band" (1995) (see left). Below is a description of the Moonshine Project from Roastinghouse.com :

Johnny, born and raised in the southern part of Sweden. He´s been working as a troubadour for many years and been in several bands, and during that time he wrote hundreds of songs.
Johnny´s music is country-rock with a melody that sticks to your mind. The lyrics are very personal and easy to sing along with.
RoastingHouse decided to record an album with Johnny and the Troubled Water Band, and the final mix was completed in July 1995. This debut album is available for licensing / sub-publishing all over the world except Scandinavia.

Due to the failure of Johnny Moonshine, Jakobsen moved on in search of a newer, more 'annoying' sound. He chose the style of eurodance, which was just becoming popular in the late 90s, and began his career as the fake Indian "Dr. Bombay." Jakobsen teamed up with Robert Uhlmann [Interview Click Here] who is famous for his work with Smile.dk, and together they produced some of the most memorable tracks in eurodance.