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Jenny Rom is the name of an Italian Bubblegum dance speed project created by The SAIFAM Group. The project is conceived as a "character" in which Jenny Rom was originally a singing computer girl (hence www.Blonde Girl). The Jenny Rom singer(s) has a very recognisable high-pitched voice, with a male providing back up vocals in the style of Aqua. Jenny Rom's style is fast faced and energetic, and the English lyrics of her songs are usually goofy and nonsensical.

On June 1st 2008 SAIFAM digitally released the very first official Jenny Rom album, titled "The Cartoon World Of Jenny Rom". The album contains 14 of Jenny Rom's most popular hits, as well as "The Boom Boom Hyper Megamix."

Who is Jenny Rom?

This question has baffled Jenny Rom fans for many years: exactly who is the artist/singer behind Jenny Rom? While there are rumours circulating that her real name is Giovanna (according to the rumours someone actually emailed SAIFAM and asked for information, and they told them this), there is no actual facts to support this theory.

A popular theory is that Jenny Rom has no real identity; she was conceived as a singing computer character, and while many people sing in her songs, there is no one in particular that is permanently linked to the project. We believe that a combination of artists and singers help with Jenny Rom tracks, and a different vocalist might be used for the different songs produced.

Jenny Rom was originally created by DJ Jaxx with the track Flirt, but later on, the track was remade into a new song, Do You Want A Flirt, with the artist being Jenny Rom. It was a "bubblegum dance speed" remix of her second song www.blondegirl however, that brought on popularity.

Jenny Rom tracks have been produced by Mark Farina, R. Arduini, and A. Puntillo, but since 2005, only Mark Farina and The Factory Team have produced her. Jenny Rom songs and CDs, as well as songs by her aliases, can be purchased from the Saifam Web site.

Vocalist rumours

There are unusual theories circulating about the vocals on Jenny Rom songs. One of these theories suggests that the male vocals performing on such tracks as "www.blondegirl" and "Waka Laka" (which was released as a combined effort featuring The Zippers) are actually Jenny Rom's vocals with a filter to make them sound deeper. This rumour cannot be confirmed, but considering the crazy world of Jenny Rom and the amount of mystery surrounding this project, anything is possible!


The Jenny Rom vocalists have been in many other projects in SAIFAM, particulary in the eurobeat genre (which is a very fast style of dance music). Below is a list of some of Jenny Rom's many known "aliases."