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Daze is a Danish Bubblegum dance group made up of members Trine Bix, Sieber, and Jesper. They are most well known for their hit single "Superhero" (sometimes known as "Superhero Lover"), and "Together Forever (Tamagotchi)", which is also known as "The Cyber Pet Song".

They had two albums, Super Heroes (1997) , and They Came To Rule (2001). Daze is a project of Johnny Jam & Delgado, who also worked with Aqua and Me & My.

On June 23rd, 2012, Daze released their new single "Fool Me." The single was released to digital music stores such as iTunes and Spotify in Europe along with an extended mix. It also features Daze's original band logo that was dropped after the release of "Super Heroes" in the late 90s and replaced by the flame logo. An international release date is expected soon.


Daze's single Superhero was awarded both Gold and Platinum all over Scandinavia. The two follow-up singles Toy Boy and Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song) - formerly known as Tamagotchi - have both ruled the radio stations in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Together Forever is a tribute to Virtual Pets all over the world and especially the most famous of them all, the Tamagotchi.

Super Heroes

When the debut album, "Super Heroes", was released in October 1997, it immediately charted in Finland with a peak at No. 1 and in Denmark with a peak at No. 3. Super Heroes is especially popular in Scandinavia where over 250,000 copies of the album have been sold. In February 1998 Daze received a Grammy Award for Best Dance Album of 1997 at the prestigious Danish Grammy.

They Came To Rule

After almost 2 years of silence, Daze returned in 1999 with a new single entitled 15 Minutes Of Fame. They also announced that a new album, "They Came To Rule", was in production. However, 15 Minutes of Fame did not have the same success that was expected.

In 2000, Daze's second new single "2nd Chance" was released. Its radio version was totally reworked by DJ Jurgen (who produced Alice Deejay's first single) and it has fantastic female vocals, and great synths. However, obvious changes in sound and style prevented Daze from maintaining the popularity they had received with their first album. "2nd Chance" would be Daze's final single for many years.

In 2001 Daze released their second studio album, "They Came To Rule". Album sales were a disappointment, and as a result Daze's second album has become quite a collector's item.

Trine Bix Biography

Below is the official biography of Trine Bix.

Trine is the female vocalist of Daze. Before Daze, she also did vocals for the project Double Divine under the name Trine Q.

She met Jesper Tonnov Rasmussen, one of her future Daze partner, when they were a part of Systematixx (she herself did vocals on Power Of Love). "We tried rap but it just wasn't working out, so we threw out the rap and then we met Sieber" she explains. "Jesper T hated me at first, you know. He was sort of the dance manager then in Systematixx and when we first met, he hated my voice. Yes! It's true. I have a deep voice and when he heard it, his attitude was (laughing) like 'I'm going to sing the Blues'."

"In my teens, I used to play some instruments but gave that up because, I couldn't keep up with the boys. I was just about the only girl playing and it was like, so hard to improve at their pace. They were practicing almost everyday. I tried other things like playing the piano and using the computer to produce music but it just didn't work out.". Nowadays she listens to a lot of pop music.

Trine is blond and 1,75 meter tall. She has a 3-year-old daughter, Emma, whom she proudly acknowledged in the album, They Came To Rule. She does not like having her trio compared to Aqua : "It's hard to say how we are different. I think we are very different but a lot of people think we are very alike. At the beginning, people said we were the copycats of Aqua. It's very annoying. But we've been doing the same dance music that we've done for many years before Aqua did."

Change of Image & Sound

It is believed that one of the reasons why Daze's second album "They Came To Rule" flopped was because of the changes Daze implemented with their sound and style. Moving away from the bubblegum sound and look of the first album, Daze put on dark 'firey' cloaks, and replaced cool blue with raging red. Their music reflected their look, and was influenced by the trance era that was gaining momentum in the early 2000s. Daze also picked up on the 'sex influence' in eurodance of the early 2000s, something that would affect many other bubblegum artists (such as Crispy).