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Cartoons are a Bubblegum dance/pop group from Denmark. They are famous for their outrageous costumes and tongue-in-cheek songs, making children their prime target audience. Cartoons are best known for their 1999 hit single "Witch Doctor" which is a cover of the 1958 novelty song by Ross Bagdasarian.


The group is headlined by 6 members, who each have an appropriate "cartoon" inspired nickname. The members are (in random order):


Cartoons are also best known for the outlandish plastic costumes and wigs that they wore in their music videos, live performances, and promotional photographs. The costumes were designed to be caricatures of 1950s American rock and roll stars, and many of their hits are Europop covers of old rockabilly hits.

Cartoon Fame

Cartoons' most successful single is 1999's Witch Doctor, reaching number two in the UK with its combination of the original's "ooh-ee-ooh-aah-aah" chorus, driving dance beat and occasional banjo breaks, hence the term "technobilly". They had further success in the UK with the Top 10 hit Doodah!, the top 20 hit Aisy Waisy, which was performed on Jim Davidson's Generation Game, and had a Top 20 debut album, Toonage (1999).

OST + Compilations

Cartoons has appeared in many compilations and on the soundtrack of many movies. To name a few:

2005 Comeback

In 2005 Cartoons made a brief comeback to promote their Greatest Toons release. A new single "Day Oh" was released under the new label "CMC Entertainment."

The group has performed a number of shows throughout Europe since 2005, including at Bonbonland and the Jelling Musikfestival. The official Web site, was active since 2005 but has now been taken down, suggesting that the Cartoons project has once again been abandoned.