Most recent news: Hanna announces 'Abs SHOW Kidz' album

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Hanna is a Bubblegum dance project from Sweden / America, headlined by vocalist and songwriter Hanna Stockzell. In 2011, Hanna released her first single "Bubblegum Dancer," which was written as a tribute to our site. The single is doing well in Sweden and has been played on numerous radio stations around the country.


Before Hanna, Hanna Stockzell was involved in the bubblegum dance project SMiLE.dk, in which she wrote and performed most of the songs from their 2008 comeback album "Party Around The World." In 2010 it was announced that Hanna had left the group to pursue a solo musical career. The resulting project, Hanna, was formed a year later and is produced by Dick Ørna and Jamie Thompson, who produced SMiLE.dk's Party Around The World album.

Hanna currently resides in Skivarp, Sweden with her partner Dick.