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Carlito is the third and most recent alias of Jonny Jakobsen (born 17 November 1963, Malmö, Sweden), his previous being Dr. Bombay and Dr. Macdoo. Carlito is from Mexico, where he sings about his life living with his girlfriend "Carlita." Carlito is the first of the Jakobsen aliases to release 2 albums, due to the huge amount of popularity he received in Japan.

The female vocalists involved in Carlito are: Jenny Wrethov, Johanna Stedt, Lina Wägbo, Marianne Larsson, and Sara Svensson.

Unique Sound

Johnny Jakobsen's music style can be described as "Bubblegum Satire". Each of his aliases - Dr. Macdoo and Dr. Bombay - have a unique style, that is based on their heritage. Carlito's sound makes use of instruments such as fiddles, banjos, and other instruments which can be seen as being typical of Mexican culture.

Changes From Other Projects

Compared to Jakobsen's other Bubblegum projects, Carlito implemented a number of changes that not only affected the appearance of the project, but also the sound. One of the most important changes was the addition of female vocalists, and Carlito's girlfriend Carlita. Carlito is the first of Jakobsen's project to include female vocalists. This change in the Jakobsen style has been well-received, with fans saying it gives his music a more "professional" sound.

Success, and Second Album

Carlito has been well-received throughout the world, particularly in Japan where Carlito regularly performs live, and in Mexico. In 2007 Carlito released his second album, "World Wild".

The tone and lyrical style of the songs continue Jakobsen's ethnic satire theme but, this time, each song is dedicated to a different nation and the typical subjects of their respective cultures, such as Skiing in Switzerland or Pharaohs in Egypt. The songs are sung from the perspective of Carlito as he embarks upon a tour of the world.

Carlito is so far the only one of Jakobsen's fictional identities to be associated with more than one studio album without any change in style. According to the official Carlito website, the decision to release a successor to Fiesta was prompted by its outstanding success in Japan.

"World Wild" contained 14 tracks, about Carlito's travels around the world. They include a visit to Russia, Tokyo, Egypt, America, Africa, Jamacia, Bolero, and many more, which together create the "travel" theme of the album. The album ends with Carlito and his girlfriend singing how great their holiday has been, but they now want to return to Mexico, "Home Sweet Home."