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Combayah is Batizba and Mr. Bambolero, a Bubblegum dance project from Sweden, best known for their 1998 single "Fantasy Dreamworld". Combayah's debut album "Fantasy Dreamworld" was released in 1998, under the label Warner Music.

Official Biography

Below is the official biography of Combayah, taken from their official Web site at which is now offline. Please note this biography, which was directly copied from their site, speaks about past events that have already taken place.

Combayah is a new upcoming group from Sweden and consists of two members Batziba and Mr. Bambolero It´s a very interesting combination of two great artists. With help from Songwriter/Producer team Rico&Bear they wrote there first single "I like what you do". [In 1997] it was a big radio hit in Sweden. The new album "Fantasy Dreamworld" is going to be released world wide and the interest for the album is very big. Combayah is also going on a worldwide promotion tour this year.

Batziba's Biography

Batziba (real name Petra) is 22 years old (in 1998) and has always been an active music performer but when she turned 16 her singing carrier took of. It started in a gospel choir and since that she have been doing backing vocals for lots of different artists. In the summer 1995 she realised her first solo single "Hold On". Batziba have also done performance on festivals and clubs. Lately she has done lead vocals on records for Cool James, CJ Massive Mike Emelai and more. Her big interest besides music is Clothes! She sews most of her clothes by herself.

Mr. Bambolero's Biography

Mr. Bambolero was only 18 years old when he was involved with Combayah, and his biggest interest is music. When he was younger he started out with break dance and later he transformed to hip hop and created a big passion for writing lyrics. Mr. Bambolero have done performances on clubs and festivals. Beside music he likes sports, clothes and to be with his family and friends.

Toy-Box Misinterpretation

Due to false labelling on file sharing applications, Fantasy Dreamworld is widely thought to be a Toy-Box song due to the incredible likeliness of the two groups' vocalists. In Fantasy Dreamworld, Batizba's singing voice sounds very similar to that of Anila's from Toy-Box, and Mr. Bambolero sounds very similar to Amir.


Combayah is produced by Rico & Bear, who started as a producer team in spring 1995. Both Rico (Andreas Rickstrand) and Bear (Björn Stigsson) has a long musical background spinning from RnB to Hardrock. Rico & Bear produces all kinds of Dance music House, Euro, RnB, pop, and more. They are also making remixes for artists like E-Type, Dublin Fair, Mikael Rickfors, Solid Base, Gents Club and more. Rico & Bear is working with artists like Combayah, Cool James, Batziba, Left Overs, CJ Massive, Mike Emelai, Dr. Frankenstein, and Alaska.